How to write a formula for slope intercept

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Slope Intercept Form

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INTERCEPT function

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a) Write the equation in slope-intercept form b) Give the slope and y-intercept of the line X=5y-6 Y= #Use the slope-intercept form to graph the equation: Y=-2/7X. The formula for the best-fitting line (or regression line) is y = mx + b, where m is the slope of the line and b is the equation itself is the same one used to find a line in algebra; but remember, in statistics the points don’t lie perfectly on a line — the line is a model around which the data lie if a strong linear pattern exists.

How to write an equation in slope intercept form?

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How do you write an equation in slope-intercept form when given the x and y-intercepts? Example: x-intercept 3, MEANS VALUE OF X=3 WHEN Y=0 THAT IS (3,0)IS A POINT ON THE LINE.

Apr 09,  · The slope-intercept type follows this formula: y = mx + b the place m = the slope and b = the y-intercept. considering we are given the slope and y-int, purely plug them into the formula: y = Status: Resolved.

The equation that describes a specific line typically is written in terms of x and y, meaning that the numerical slope and intercept values are written. In one of the easiest forms of the question, it is extremely simple to determine the equation of the line.

How to write equations given x-intercept and slope.? How to write a formula for slope intercept
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How to write linear inequalities in slope intercept form