How to write a horse for sale advert

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Dec 03,  · hi guys, i know the market isn't great. i have had my horse denny up for sale for about 2 months. had a few bites but they were inexperienced to say. Writing a good horse for sale advert Deciding whether or not to sell (or loan) a horse or pony is never an easy decision.

How to Write a Horse for Sale Advert

You may have thought of the idea many times and put the decision off. If you have to edit parts as the advert text is restricted, you could always add ‘for full details please contact 07*****.

We hope these tips help in writing a horse for sale advert. To list your horse for sale via Everything Horse UK click here. Please note; if someone is searching online to buy a horse, they are looking for the right horse for them.

They already have a general capability list, age, personality and look/breed. May 28,  · A picture really says words. It should show the horse's full conformation and build. It also shouldn't cover up any markings, cuts, injuries, 84%(56).

How to write a horse for sale advert
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What to consider when you write a Horse Sale Ad