How to write a not guilty plea for speeding ticket

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Deferred/Defensive Driving

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Court Services

Motion to Re-Open Guilty Plea to Traffic Ticket or Criminal Guilty Plea: Sometimes a driver who plead guilty to a criminal or motor vehicle traffic ticket will need to file a motion to vacate their guilty plea. How to Plead Not Guilty to a New York Speeding Ticket Hell0: In June ,I received a speeding ticket 82/65 in the town of Rockland, NY.

the town of Rockland Justice Court Clerk informed me that if I plead Not Guilty, I would get a Reduction Letter with a fine equal to a parking ticket. Show up with your ticket (because sometimes the court might not be able to locate it because the cop was being lazy in submitting it, misplacement, etc.), get in line and go to the information booth first (paying close attention to where exactly you will need to go on the actual trial date), and just plead NOT guilty.

The judge will set a trial date, which. Dec 29,  · There is absolutely no reason to plead "No Contest" on a Speeding ticket. It serves no purpose at all. "Guilty" is the correct plea unless you want to plead "Not Guilty".

Sep 20,  · Plead guilty with an explanation. Write a short letter apologizing, explain that you understand it was your fault but lost track of your speed because you were going with the flow of traffic and you were not weaving in and out of lanes or driving carelessly or recklessly.

How to write a not guilty plea for speeding ticket
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