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Cadbury’s creation campaign

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Market Research Proposal – Cadbury

In MarchCadbury India Ltd., the leader in the Indian chocolate market, came out with a new advertisement campaign, ‘Khane ke baad, meethe mein kuch meetha ho jaye’ (After a meal, let’s have something sweet), for its main brand Dairy Milk. So in George Cadbury was tasked with developing a milk chocolate bar that was to have more milk than anything else on the market.

‘All sorts of names were suggested: Highland Milk, Jersey and Dairy. Cadbury Dairy Milk - The joy of content: how a new communications model is paying back for Cadbury Tom Goodwin, Rachel Barrie, Lucy Evans and Margaret Jobling Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, Silver, The Broadbent Prize for Best Dedication to Effectiveness, IPA Effectiveness Awards The market Value and volume sales stagnate in Figure 1: Best- and worst-case forecast of total UK retail value sales of chocolate*, Cadbury Dairy Milk seen as the most trusted brand Consumer research methodology Appendix – Market Size and Forecast.

Figure Best- and worst-case forecast of total UK retail value sales of. Through their marketing campaigns, Cadbury tries its best to attract its targeted audience.

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Industry Trend Cadbury invests heavily Research and Development and launched its new research and development center at Bournville factory with new innovation labs, a. The role of Cadbury’s for expansion of chocolate market in Pakistan will always be written in golden words. Challenges: The most common challenges to this industry are soaring prices of raw material, high excise and import duties on raw material, high entry barrier because of strong monopolistic competition and influx of cheap imported brand.

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