Roll a dice writing activity for thanksgiving

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{FREE} Roll-a-Story Writing Activity

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Thanksgiving Printable Worksheets

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Education with Integrity

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Students intriguing the numbers. 5 Stories and Activities for Thanksgiving By Shari Carter. Grades PreKÔÇôK Thankful Writing. November is a perfect time to focus on being thankful.

We have lots of discussion about things we are thankful for.

Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Dice Game

Roll-a-Turkey. Dice games are a favorite in my class. Anytime we get the dice out, the excitement level in the room goes way up. *Roll and Color the Turkey- Roll two dice, add them up and color the turkey. *Color by Sight Word- Use the color code to color the picture using the following 1st Grade Sight Words: ask, could, some, thank.

Roll-A-Thanksgiving Story

Use the roll of a dice to help kids build a funny and creative winter story. This is a fun, motivating, and EDUCATIONAL activity that will take up a big chunk of time during those last few days before winter break, and can be used al throughout the winte.

Thanksgiving day preparations are being made at our house and that includes ways to entertain the kids while we prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Grab some crayons, dice and print out this Roll a Turkey game, to keep the kids busy and out of your hair.

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{November} Roll-a-Story Writing Activity Roll a dice writing activity for thanksgiving
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